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On April 22, 1976, as a college journalist I traveled to Grey Gardens to interview Edie Beale about the movie Grey Gardens for my college newspaper, The Rutgers Daily Targum.

I was accompanied to Grey Gardens by a photographer for the newspaper named Jeff Holtzman, and Bob Sennett, a music writer for the paper. My interview was conducted with a hand held portable cassette tape recorder. The tape was used as the basis for the newspaper interview. During the interview Edie talks about her life, the raid, Jackie, Lee Radziwill, Peter Beard, her brothers Phelan and Bouvier, Spanish music, and assorted other topics. 

This tape was played for several members of the Grey Gardens fansite during the last year. Several people seemed to like the contents of the interview, so I decided to make it available for everyone.

A reproduction of the original print interview with Edie which appeared in The Rutgers Daily Targum, the daily newspaper of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, will appear in my book memoraBEALEia: A Private Scrapbook About Edie Beale of Grey Gardens available on Amazon.com in Spring 2008.